Aegis launched its Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) Services Division in response to the growing trend of outsourcing in the oil and gas sector. The mission of this division is to provide to third party clients, the full range of expertise deployed by Aegis in its own Liquid Terminals and Gas Terminals division, but on an outsourced basis. This ranges from building storage and distribution installations, to operating and maintaining them.

Our customer value proposition is to deliver the highest level of operating safety standards and service quality, at a significantly lower cost than if the client were to build and/or operate the facilities in-house.

Aegis provides a complete solution for operating an existing oil and gas storage installation, from selection and training of employees, operating the facilities, and maintaining the plant to a required standard. Continuous assessment of risks and strict adherence to industry safety standards is paramount in the oil and gas industry, and Aegis has an exemplary record in this area. By delivering on safety and cost savings to these demanding clients, Aegis has become an important partner for any participant in the Indian oil and gas sector looking to reduce risks.

Aegis is able to offer a turnkey solution for ‘new build’ oil, products and LPG storage, and distribution installations. We have the required expertise to design, engineer and build facilities to international standards. Aegis will also undertake the capital expenditures required for the BOOM/BOOT projects, thus freeing up the clients’ capital resources for other mission critical projects.

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