Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is an excellent energy source because of its availability, portability, environmental benefits, and versatility. The LPG Retail business includes the two distinct business divisions being managed under one roof. These are:

  • Auto LPG Retailing through exclusive world class Autogas Dispensing Stations (ADS), and;

  • Packed LPG Cylinder Distribution for Commercial, Industrial and Domestic LPG supply direct to accounts and through a network of distributors.

LPG – Around the world

LPG is an exceptional energy source because of its origin, availability, benefits & applications. With an immediate and global availability, environmental benefits, its natural by-product origin, transportation flexibility and diverse application, LPG plays a pivotal role in the transition towards a more secure, sustainable and competitive energy model around the globe. LPG is a convenient, clean and highly efficient fuel and is used in many different applications in countries all over the world. The global availability and popularity of LPG has increasing by the day and this is resulting in the increased usage in many countries. The versatility of the product enables it to be used in new applications and in many countries it has already established itself as a popular energy source.

There are more than 1000 applications of LPG. Millions of people currently use LPG and depend on it for many applications in commercial business, industry, transportation, farming, power generation, cooking, heating and for recreational purpose. Only LPG can serve such a wide variety of uses such as cooking fuel for a family in South Africa to community kitchens in India, from refrigeration for a shop in Brazil to Autogas in Taxis in Tokyo, from welding by car manufacturers in Germany to heating the homes of families in Canada, from flame weeding by ranchers in Texas to providing heat for lifting of Hot Air Balloon in expeditions, from hair spray for the Hollywood starlets to becoming the life-saving fuel for mountaineers climbing the Everest…! LPG even powers the Olympics torch...! That is why LPG is referred to as the World’s most flexible and multi-purpose energy source.

In all markets, wide varieties of practices are adopted in Sales, marketing and distribution of the product and associated services.

Auto LPG has emerged as an alternative fuel to petrol over the past 10 years in India since the liberalization of this application by the Government of India in 2001. Aegis opened its first Auto LPG station in 2005 and has expanded to a network of 103 stations all over western and southern India under the “AegisAutogas” brand. These stations now supply thousands of cars, Autorickshaws, and Motorcycles with a high quality, economical, and environmentally friendly alternative to petrol.

Aegis also markets LPG packed in cylinders which are widely used for domestic, commercial, and industrial applications due to their handling convenience and cleanliness. Aegis operates an extensive network of filling plants, distribution points and dealers under the “Aegis Puregas” brand.

Auto LPG Retailing

With volatility in oil prices and supply concerns globally, the world is exploring the use of alternate clean fuels instead of petrol. In India, CNG and Auto LPG are the two gas-based alternatives to petrol. Worldwide, Auto LPG is generally preferred to CNG because Auto LPG vehicles can run three times the distance on a full tank, require less maintenance, are safer because of lower tank pressure, and the conversion kits cost 50% less.

Autogas was introduced to India in 2001, although the actual retailing of the fuel through an Auto LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS) started only in late 2002 with the introduction of approved Autogas conversion kits. For ten years now, the Indian Autogas Industry has been treading a path of steady progress, consolidation and – above all – safety.

Currently, India is being considered as one of the major growing Autogas markets because of its 2, 3 and 4 wheeler population. The Indian Government and many local State Governments are also supporting usage of cleaner fuel which is providing impetus to further growth of the industry.

Due to immense superiority of Auto LPG over other automobile fuels, Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India, vide G.S.R. 569 dated 1st August 2001, issued Liquefied Petroleum Gas (Regulation of use in Motor Vehicles) Order 2001, vide which Parallel Marketers have been permitted to carry out any or all the business of importing (including Auto LPG Import substitution), storing, marketing, distribution and selling Auto LPG for automotive purpose provided these parallel marketers have prescribed Rating Certificate.

Parallel Marketers have further been permitted by the said order to appoint Auto LPG Dispensing Station Dealer engaged in the business of purchase, storage and sale of Auto LPG who are to be licensed by the Chief Controller of Explosives under the Static and Mobile Pressure Vessels (unfired) Rules, 1981 as amended from time to time.

Aegis has taken a pioneering role in the development of an extensive retail network of Auto LPG stations in India under the brand name "Aegis Autogas". Currently the network is spread over nine states (Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Rajasthan, and Madhya Pradesh).

Packed LPG Retailing

Aegis supplies LPG in cylinders for industrial, commercial and domestic requirements under the brand name 'Aegis Puregas'. Aegis has wide LPG cylinder distribution network comprising of LPG cylinder filling plants, distributors, and dealers, and assures its customers the right quality and quantity at the right time and helps customers reduce operating costs.

  • Packed LPG Supplies to industrial, commercial and domestic sectors under the brand name “Aegis PureGas”.

  • Bottling carried out at self-owned facility at Kheda, Gujarat, and through various other contracted sites.

  • Currently handling of 12, 15, 17, 21 KG capacity cylinders and 33KG VOT LOT cylinders manifold systems on BOOM/BOOT basis to Industrial clients.

  • Aegis has 56 years technical expertise in setting up Bulk LPG storage for Industrial customers on Boom / BOOT basis which ensures regular supplies and hassle-free operation for industrial clients.

  • Distribution in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, AP, Tamilnadu, Rajasthan and company is continuously penetrating various markets for further growth.

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